Feb. 14th at 11AM MT /  1PM ET

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Webinar Details

Join Lumifi's exclusive webinar, where our R&D team will unveil the first in a series of current and upcoming advancements to ShieldVision™. Experience live demos showcasing the first wave of improvements in Threat Response, automated investigation, data enrichment, and explore new ways to seamlessly integrate ShieldVision into the tools you use daily. Be part of the journey as we kick off our 2024 initiative, transforming ShieldVision into a powerhouse that delivers unprecedented value.

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About the Presenters:

David Norlin
David Norlin
Chief Information Security Officer

Dave Norlin, Lumifi's CISO, forged his security expertise in the US Air Force and the Army DCOD, progressing from a network technician to overseeing incident response and forensics. Transitioning to Lumifi, he excelled in threat hunting and network forensics, climbing to the role of Director of Security Operations. Now at the helm as CISO, Dave leads Lumifi's technology and service initiatives with a wealth of experience. 

You'll Learn:

  1. Unlock insights: Discover the latest advancements in ShieldVision through a detailed demo by our R&D team.
  2. In-depth knowledge: Gain insights into the first series of new features in Threat Response, automated investigation, and data enrichment. 
  3. Seamless integration: Explore innovative ways to integrate ShieldVision seamlessly into your daily tools.
  4. Stay informed: Join our quarterly webinar series to stay updated on ongoing ShieldVision enhancements.
  5. Future-proof your tools: Be part of Lumifi's 2024 initiative, aiming to transform ShieldVision into a tool that consistently delivers enhanced value.